If you or someone in your family was injured after an accident involving a large truck, it can be difficult to decide what to do next. This is especially true if the accident was not your fault. Truck accident attorneys can identify who the liable party or parties were and help you get compensated for your physical damages and property losses. Your attorney can collect evidence on your behalf, interview eyewitnesses, negotiate with insurance companies, and more.

Automobile wrecks are never ideal. However, some accidents are worse than others. This is especially true with accidents involving semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, commercial vehicles, or other large automobiles. A truck accident attorney can do many things to help better your circumstances. Not only will your truck accident lawyer work on your behalf and provide legal advice, but they can make filing claims much easier. Moreover, if your case needs to go to court, your truck accident lawyer will be able to represent your interests and help you get a more satisfactory settlement amount.

In Colorado, thousands of automobile accidents take place every year. Many of these accidents result in serious injuries and even fatalities. If you were in a truck accident, you may be thinking about hiring an attorney to help you recover from your losses. So exactly what kinds of legal services do truck accident lawyers provide and what can a truck accident attorney do for you? Below, we will cover it all.

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How a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help Injured Victims

Hiring a personal injury attorney for your truck accident case can be beneficial in many ways. If you were injured in your wreck and the collision was caused by someone else’s negligent driving, your personal injury attorney may be able to help you recover from many of the losses you have sustained. Your lawyer can help you determine liability, calculate the cost of your damages, build a compelling case, and much more. Here are just some of the ways a truck accident lawyer can assist you.

Determining Liability in a Truck Accident Case

Truck accident collisions are often more complicated than standard vehicle-to-vehicle wrecks. For one thing, commercial vehicle collisions often involve third parties that have a vested interest in protecting their assets. For instance, if you were in a collision with a WalMart tractor-trailer semi, the trucking company that the driver is employed by may be implicated as well. Thus, this party could also get involved with your claims case.

Moreover, while you may be under the impression that the truck driver is the only party that should be held at fault for the accident, there may in fact be multiple other parties involved. These individuals or entities should also be held accountable for your losses and injuries if they played a role in the accident. For example, potentially responsible parties in a truck accident case may include the trucking company, the truck’s manufacturer, the insurance company, the shipping company that loaded the cargo, or even certain government entities.

A personal injury truck accident lawyer can help you figure out who is actually implicated in your accident. By investigating the circumstances surrounding the casualty, they will be able to see if any regulations were violated that directly led to your injuries. If the truck driver is an independent contractor working for a larger company, for example, the amount of supervision executed over drivers might need to be considered. Also, the FNCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) is responsible for regulating commercial truck operations on roads in the United States.

Calculating Costs and Settlement Amounts After a Truck Crash

Your attorney will also be able to help you calculate what your actual costs and expenses are as a direct result of your truck accident. Your hospital bills could amount to more than you initially realize. Moreover, long-term expenses could arise after your wreck. Your attorney will tell you which hospital bills to keep track of and how to calculate your actual settlement amount to ensure that all of your damages will ultimately be covered.

Filing Claims and/or Taking Your Case to Court

When commercial trucking companies are involved, insurance claims often immediately become more complicated. Your lawyer will know exactly how to speak with insurance claims adjusters and third-party companies to make sure that your claims are accepted. If your claims are rejected or disputed, a skilled personal injury truck accident attorney will be able to help you take your case to court and fight for your rights.

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