Each year, thousands of truck accidents take place in America. These collisions come in many shapes and sizes and are often influenced by an array of variables. Unfortunately, most semi-truck collisions with passenger vehicles result in serious injuries. Sometimes, these severe wrecks even lead to death.

When people are wrongfully injured by the negligent behavior of a semi-truck driver or harmed on the road due to circumstances out of their control, personal injury attorneys can help them access recovery for their losses. Usually, this will come in the form of a monetary claim or cash settlement amount. If you were hurt in a semi-truck wreck, it is important to understand how truck accident claims are handled and what a personal injury truck accident attorney can do to assist you.

Qualified semi-truck, tractor-trailer, or commercial vehicle crash lawyers exist to assist injured victims. The sooner you hire a skilled personal injury attorney to help you file claims, the sooner you can truly recover and get your life back on track! Here is everything to know about semi-truck accident attorneys in Colorado and how they can help you.

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What are the most common types of truck accident cases?

Truck accident cases can be caused by many factors and no two semi-truck collisions are exactly the same. In some situations, truck drivers are inadequately trained, tired, or working with large vehicles while also under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. Moreover, in Colorado, the weather conditions can rapidly change to cause poor visibility.

Occasionally, these mishaps will involve third-party transport companies. In instances like this, things can quickly become complex. Injured victims that are attempting to file claims or trying to obtain damages after a truck accident in Colorado should know what to expect.

For one thing, be aware that no matter what kind of truck wreck you were in, hiring a lawyer might be the smartest move. Your lawyer will be able to tell you whether your wreck is a DUI case, a commercial vehicle case, a gross negligence case, and more. It can be helpful to comprehend the different kinds of truck wreck claims as well. Claims can cover physical damages, emotional distress, property damage, and wrongful death. Here is some useful information that can help you proceed more confidently with your trucking accident claims!

Here are a few typical kinds of semi truck wrecks in Colorado:

  • Rear-End Collisions
  • Rollovers
  • T-Bone Accidents
  • Head-On Collisions
  • Wide-Turn Accidents
  • Sideswipe/Merging Accidents
  • Jackknife Accidents
  • Inclement Weather Accidents
  • DUI Accidents

Categories of Truck Wrecks in Colorado

There are numerous different types of auto accident cases and claims as well. These matters can involve all kinds of vehicles including semi-trucks, commercial automobiles, and passenger vehicles. Claims may revolve around drivers, transportation companies, insurance providers, and other third parties. Also, wrongful death claims and cases involving tractor-trailers are prevalent if a crash took place at a high speed.

With so much complexity revolving around this area of the law, it may be wisest to consult an attorney. That way, you can conclusively determine which type of claims category your collision falls under.

Regulations for Truckers DUI Commercial Vehicle Collisions

The FMCSA has stringent recommendations for the operation of commercial vehicles in the United States. Truck drivers are legally mandated to operate their conveyances while well-rested and in a sober state. When commercial vehicle operators or truck drivers fail to drive with care on the roads, the resulting collisions can be catastrophic. In Colorado, the weather can change suddenly. Truck drivers are responsible for carefully operating their vehicles in inclement weather conditions.

How Can Truck Accident Lawyers Help?

If you or someone in your immediate family was seriously injured after a collision involving a semi-truck or another large commercial vehicle, deciding how to proceed can feel overwhelming. This is especially true if your accident involved the death of a loved one. If the crash was caused by the negligent behavior of the other vehicle’s operator, however, you may be able to collect monetary compensation to help with certain losses. This is where a personal injury trucking lawyer can help. In the state of Colorado, thousands upon thousands of serious automobile calamities occur each year. Considerable accidents result in severe injuries. Dealing with legalities when you have been seriously hurt is never easy. Employing a personal injury attorney can be helpful in numerous ways. Your attorney is there to help you through the whole claims filing process. Your legal team will ensure that all of the upcoming procedures go as smoothly as possible. Not only can your attorney help you file claims, but they can also help you gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, interview eyewitnesses, and much more.

Lawyers Help Assign Liability After a Truck Accident

One particularly helpful thing that a personal injury attorney can help you with involves assigning liability to the parties that are to blame for your collision. Although many people think that only the driver is to blame after a truck accident, there may in fact be many third parties implicated in an accident of this nature.

For example, if you were in a collision with a truck from a large transportation company, that company may owe you some compensation. Also, the driver may be insured by that company’s insurance agency. So, insurers are often automatically implicated in an accident as well. Moreover, the truck manufacturer, the shipping company that loaded the truck’s payload, and even some government agencies could be partially responsible after a collision.

Your attorney will investigate everything about your case and determine which agencies and parties to hold liable. This helps to ensure that no responsible people get away from their responsibilities and you get the full claims you are legally entitled to.

Attorneys Can Help to Calculate Medical Expenses, Loses, and Payments Following Your Semi Truck Wreck

Another useful thing that a personal injury attorney can do is help you calculate the entire cost of your claims. Many people fail to realize that their injuries will have long-term consequences. Your lawyer will be able to evaluate your medical condition based on your physician’s records so that you can cover your medical bills in the future. Your personal injury lawyer will also examine all aspects of your situation to make sure that everything you lost will be accounted for as thoroughly as possible in your personal injury claim.

5 Times You Need to Hire a Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

It can be hard to figure out whether hiring a lawyer for your truck crash case is the right course of action. Bearing that in mind, if you need legal assistance, retaining the services of an experienced lawyer can help you get the best outcome for your case. Here are five times to hire an accident attorney after being involved in a wreck with a semi-truck.

1. If the Accident Was Not Your Fault

First and foremost, you should understand that if an accident was not your fault, a lawyer may be necessary. In many situations, commercial transport operations and their insurers will attempt to dispute or deny any claims coming from victims. As terrible as this is, it happens all the time. So, you may need to gather evidence to prove that the collision was caused by the truck driver and not you or the passenger vehicle driver. Your lawyer will be able to help you do this in a way that the courts and legal system will accept.

2. If Someone Was Killed in a Collision

If the driver of the semi-truck was killed in the wreck you were involved in, you may need to hire a lawyer. Not only will your testimony be key in filing claims, but your attorney will be able to walk you through the legal processes in a situation like this. If a loved one was killed, you may have a wrongful death suit on your hands. Your attorney will advise you on how to proceed after a monstrous loss of this kind.

3. If the Truck Driver Was Drunk or Operating the Vehicle Dangerously

Nationwide OTR trucking can be a demanding profession. Sadly, this can lead to dangerous truck driving maneuvers and vehicle operations at high speeds. Truck drivers may even resort to using illegal narcotics or driving under the influence of alcohol. Driving under the influence is illegal for all drivers in the state of Colorado. In situations like this, hiring a personal injury attorney is essential. Your attorney will be able to prove the negligence of the driver at fault and help you access the highest settlement or claim amount for your suffering.

4. If You Were Seriously Injured

If you were in a collision with a semi-truck and were seriously injured as a result, you should hire an attorney right away. Your attorney will be able to calculate the long-term costs of your injuries and potential future medical bills. Your settlement or claim can help you revolver and stay out of debt. Personal injury attorneys are experts at examining the circumstances surrounding a case and determining what a claim is actually worth. Why settle for less than what you really need? Let a seasoned lawyer do the calculations for you to get the amount right the first time.

5. If You are Unfamiliar with the Claims Filing Process

Most people are unfamiliar with the complexities of filing claims with insurance companies. When large trucking entities and contractors are involved, things can be even more complex. Let an attorney handle the legal nuances so that you can focus on healing after your wreck.

What Does a Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Do?

Semi-truck accident lawyers are skilled legal professionals who understand how to help injured victims file claims and recover damages after being harmed in a collision with a commercial vehicle, tractor-trailer, bus, or other large automobiles. A personal injury attorney that specializes in semi-truck wrecks or commercial automobile accidents can help you get the largest settlement amount or file a claim that will cover the cost of your medical bills, property damage expenses, pain and suffering, and more.

Your attorney can help you:

  • Gather evidence
  • Get a police report
  • File insurance claims
  • Speak with insurance adjusters
  • Interview witnesses
  • Keep track of medical expenses
  • Calculate claim amounts
  • Hold all involved parties liable
  • Take your case to trial

5 Reasons To Hire A Truck Accident Lawyer

There are numerous reasons to hire a lawyer after a truck accident in Colorado. Here are a few reasons that victims should retain qualified legal services immediately following their semi, tractor-trailer, or commercial truck collision.

1. A Lawyer Can Streamline Everything

First of all, a skilled truck wreck lawyer will know exactly what it takes to get your claims filed in time, properly, and in the amount you actually deserve. This means that your claims are likely to be more accurate, better presented, and paid faster. If things do get drawn out, it will practically always be to your benefit in the end.

2. Your Lawyer Will Hold Everyone Liable and Restore Justice

Lawyers often feel passionate about bringing guilty parties to justice. This is especially true in the realm of personal injury law! Your personal injury truck accident counselor will know which parties should pay damages after a collision. They can hold insurance companies, negligent drivers, trucking operations, and even certain government agencies responsible after an accident.

3. An Attorney Can Help You Get the Largest Claim

Sometimes, people settle for claims that are far too small. There are many reasons this can happen. However, your lawyer is likely to have a vested interest in helping you get the biggest possible claim. This means they will calculate the actual damages you have suffered. This may include counting future medical expenses or holding many parties liable for your suffering and injuries.

4. Lawyers Understand the Legal System Comprehensively

There is a reason that entire careers are made learning the law. Colorado’s legal systems and processes can be complex. The average person, no matter how intelligent, does not have all of Colorado’s legal statutes memorized. A good accident lawyer, on the other hand, will inherently possess an in-depth understanding of personal injury law in Colorado.

5. Less Stress Means a Faster Recovery

Injured people attempting to recover need rest and peace. In fact, did you know that psychological stress can actually slow down wound healing in people?

It’s true! According to research, stress has a noticeably negative impact on the healing process. If you are injured, this is important to know. Since legal issues, insurance adjusters, and bureaucrats can be a significant source of stress for anyone, the last thing you need is anxiety about your claims. Your attorney will understand this and can work hard to bear the brunt of the legal stress on your behalf.

What are the qualities of the best truck accident lawyer?

After your truck wreck, finding the right lawyer to help you access recovery and file claims can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are so many lawyers out there to choose from! In Colorado, attorneys seem to always be advertising their services. So how can you choose the best truck accident lawyer for your unique case? Here are a few things to look for!

• Choose a Lawyer With the Correct Skillsets

Different lawyers offer diverse services. There are lawyers to help you with taxes, criminal issues, divorces, and more. So what type of lawyer should you choose for a truck wreck? You should hire a personal injury attorney with experience in commercial vehicle accidents. This specific kind of lawyer will help you hold all responsible people liable for your suffering. With an experienced personal injury lawyer that understands the ins and outs of truck collisions, you are likely to get the highest claim amount and best settlement.

• Pick a Lawyer That Puts Your Needs First

It is also important to choose an attorney that will meet you where you are at the stage of recovery you are in. You need an attorney who really cares! Whether this means speaking with you over the phone while you recover in the hospital, chatting with you online 24/7, or scheduling appointments based on your unique needs, an accommodating attorney can make the entire process smoother.

• Get a Lawyer Who Will Fight Hard on Your Behalf

Not all lawyers have the same levels of tenacity. After a serious wreck with a large vehicle such as a semi-truck, the last thing you need is stress or more anxiety. You’ve already been through enough; now you should be focusing on recovery! Let your lawyer do the legal combat for you. A good personal injury attorney will be able to fight hard on your behalf to ensure that all of your rights are fairly upheld and justice is served. Then, you can focus on getting your life back.

Why Hire a Lawyer for a Truck Accident?

After an accident with a commercial vehicle that was clearly caused by the negligence or choices of the other driver, hiring a lawyer might not seem necessary. After all, this is a cut-and-dry case, right? Unfortunately, when commercial vehicle companies and third parties are involved, things are rarely that easy.

The trucker driver’s shipping company, corporate insurers, and their employer could easily make a straightforward case seem murkier. This is why having a personal injury lawyer on your side is so important.

A Skilled Lawyer Can Help Your Case at Every Stage of Your Case

An adept attorney with experience dealing with truck accidents can help you gather evidence, prove your claims, file claims, and even take your case to court if the need arises. Not only will your lawyer be there to make things easier on you, but they will also work diligently to hold all of the responsible parties accountable.

When and Why to Contact an Attorney After Truck Accident

If you were in an accident with a commercial vehicle or semi-truck, you might be wondering when to contact a lawyer. You might even be wondering if you should even retain professional legal services at all. If the details of your case seem pretty straightforward, you might even be tempted to file claims alone.

This can be a huge mistake! Instead, you should plan to consult a skilled personal injury lawyer with expertise in truck accidents like the team at Matlin Injury Law. That way, your claims will cover all of your expenses. Plus, the details of your case will be managed by professional lawyers who can ensure that everything goes smoothly and your interests are represented fairly at every stage. Still, this begs the question, when to hire a lawyer after a truck accident?

The Best Time to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer is Right Now

After a mishap with a commercial vehicle such as a semi-truck that was not your fault, the best time to retain legal services was immediately following the accident. The second best time is right now!

The sooner you hire a lawyer to represent your interests, help you file claims, speak with insurance adjusters, and prepare your case, the better. Your lawyer will protect you from saying anything that may negatively impact your semi truck accident case. Moreover, your counselor can help you keep track of your hospital bills and expenses so that your claim amount will actually cover your accrued and future costs.

Many lawyers can visit you in the hospital if you are still recuperating after a wreck or schedule a phone call that fits your time schedule. A skilled personal injury attorney may even be able to talk with you while you are still at the scene of the accident. Good personal injury attorneys will also offer free consultations online or chat features available 24/7 like the one here. https://matlininjurylaw.com/services/

So, do yourself a favor and get legal help immediately to make sure that you can actually cover your bills and recover from any wrongful harm suffered by your or your loved ones after your traumatic accident.

What You Should Know About the Average Semi Truck Accident

Were you in an accident with a semi-truck? If so, you may be left hurt and wondering what comes next. You probably want to know things like what the average semi-truck accident insurance claim amount is, who is held liable for a big wreck like this, and how you can get your life back following a collision of this magnitude. Our lawyers are here to help!

While thousands of accidents with commercial vehicles and semi-trucks take place every year, no two semi-truck or tractor-trailer accidents are identical. Claims will depend on the driver’s employment terms, how many people were in your vehicle, whether you were in a passenger vehicle or a work truck, where the accident occurred, and much more. So, for direct answers about semi-truck accidents in Colorado from skilled professional attorneys, contact Matlin Injury Law. In the meantime, let’s go over some things you should know about the “average” semi/commercial trucking collision.

These Accidents Can Be Very Serious and are Often Fatal for Passengers

When a large vehicle such as a semi or tractor-trailer collides with a smaller passenger vehicle, catastrophe usually ensues. Not only are semi trucks significantly larger than almost all passenger vehicles, but they also are designed to withstand high impacts. This means that a passenger vehicle will almost always come out worse after a big truck collision. The faster both vehicles are moving, the worse things will often be.

Semi-truck accidents often result in:

  • Serious spinal injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Vehicle destruction
  • Property damage
  • Paralysis

You Should Probably Get a Lawyer Immediately After a Commercial Truck Accident

It is important to know that OTR trucking accidents can be complex. There may be multiple parties involved (the driver, the insurance company, the shipping partners, etc.) that all share liability. If the truck accident was caused by the negligence or failure of the truck driver to operate their commercial vehicle safely, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Only a skilled personal injury truck accident lawyer will be able to help you get the largest claim amount or best settlement. So, hiring an attorney as soon as possible is probably the best thing to do after most truck accidents.

How to File a Semi-Truck Accident Claim

The claims filing process can feel daunting, especially if you are injured and recovering after a serious truck accident. However, to get compensation for your suffering, medical bills, and expenses after a collision with a semi-truck, you will need to correctly file a claim. Moreover, the claim filing process may vary from state to state depending on how liability is determined, the laws in your area, and other factors.

So how exactly does one go about filing a truck accident claim in Colorado? Here are a few steps to take that can help you navigate the process. If you have further questions about filing truck accident claims in Littleton, Parker, Denver, or any other cities in the Colorado area, we encourage you to contact the Matlin Injury legal team right away for assistance. The sooner you get in touch with the skilled personal injury attorneys at our firm for assistance with your truck accident claim, the easier the process likely will be. Now, here are some steps for filing semi-truck accident claims.

1. Hire a Truck Crash Lawyer

Our team strongly encourages injured victims in Colorado to retain the services of a skilled truck accident attorney for help filing claims. This can ensure the highest claims amount and simplify the entire process from start to finish. After choosing an attorney that you feel you can trust to help you, officiate your professional relationship by signing an agreement.

After reviewing your case, you and your lawyer will negate terms that you both are comfortable with and sign a legal contract. Sometimes, this contract is called a retainer agreement or a letter of engagement.

It will outline acknowledgment of your confidential lawyer and client relationship, a contingent fee percentage, or other details about how the expenses of your case will be paid for, the terms of the agreement itself, timelines within the agreement, and any other important disclaimers.

2. Communicate With Claims Adjusters Through Your Lawyer Only

Once you and your legal representatives have started looking into your claim, your lawyers are likely to advise you to limit any communications about your accident to your legal team only. Commercial truck wrecks can get very complicated. Each truck accident may be handled very differently depending on the circumstances surrounding the wreck, the company that the truck driver worked for, any passengers in the vehicle, and other factors.

Communicating only through your personal injury attorney can help you get the best claim amount and prevent an array of unforeseen problems from arising. Your attorney will help you properly report your truck accident to the insurance company, prevent you from signing anything or giving statements that may be recorded and used against you, and more. Your truck accident attorney will also help you communicate with the police, the DMV, and any physicians.

3. Collect Evidence to Support Your Claims

You may need to collect evidence to prove your claims. This is another area where your attorney will be able to comprehensively assist you. Likely, you and your attorney will have already discussed basic evidence and facts about your case. Now, it will be time to prove your side of the story and back up your personal account of the truck collision.

Witnesses may need to be questioned, police reports gathered, and insurance adjusters met with. Your attorney will coach you through each stage of this process. Your lawyer can also help you gather any medical bills or records from physicians showing the extent of your injuries and the costs that they accrued. A claim amount will also usually be calculated by you and your legal team at this time.

4. Drafting and Sending a Personal Injury Claim Demand Letter

This is another big step that a lawyer can walk you through. After you have discussed your case, reviewed your evidence, and calculated the cost of your claims, your lawyer will draft and send a letter that demands that the insurance company compensates you for your losses. As the claimant, you will discuss how you have been affected financially, physically, and personally by the accident.

This letter puts in writing very specific requests and the payment amount that you require to recover from the accident. It helps to put in clear terms how you were wrongfully harmed and restore justice. Most significantly, it puts in writing how truck companies and their insurance providers will only be released from their legal liability under specific terms.

5. Proceed Forward with the Settlement Based on Your Unique Situation

After the at-fault truck company and their insurers look at your demands, the involved defendant parties will have the opportunity to respond. They will usually review the evidence of the case and make their own evaluations. depending on the unique circumstances of your truck wreck, what happens next can vary.

The companies might immediately accept your demands and pay the claim amount you have specified. Or, they could try to negotiate with your lawyers for a lower amount. Sometimes, companies will ignore or dispute your claims.

Regardless of the response of the truck company, your attorney will be able to adjust your case plan accordingly. If an acceptance of your demands is not reached and negotiations fail, a lawsuit may be the right option, and going to trial could help you get the justice you deserve. After all, if a company will not answer your claims or negotiate with you, they must be held liable and a courtroom is exactly where your case belongs. In a situation like this, a personal injury lawyer with trial experience can be an enormous asset.

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Are you the injured victim of a truck accident in Colorado? If so, you may be entitled to significant monetary compensation. The quicker you get in touch with a skilled truck accident injury attorney, the better your chances of accessing a more equitable claims amount or larger settlement amount will be. Our team can help you calculate the actual cost of your injuries, medical bills, and expenses so that your claims will not be reduced unnecessarily! We will do everything that we can to fight for the rights of victims wrongfully injured in truck accidents in Colorado!

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At Matlin Injury Law serving Parker, Denver, Colorado Springs, and the surrounding metropolitan areas, we employ a team of experienced attorneys who specialize in an array of legal realms. Our firm understands the processes and nuances surrounding Colorado area tractor-trailer, commercial, and semi-truck accidents. We can help you file truck collision claims, access damages after an accident, take your case to the next stage, or learn more about how the legal processes work in a situation like this. If you were hurt by a truck essentially anywhere in Colorado, we have your back.

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If you are an injured victim, we will work painstakingly to fight for the highest accident settlement or claims amount in Colorado. Helping injured victims get their lives back is our passion and area of expertise! Not only will we do everything in our power to make sure that you’re treated fairly after your truck accident, but we will represent your side of the story with the legal aptitude that it merits. You can take a deep breath and rest easy knowing that your truck accident claims case is in the best hands.

Don’t Stress, We Can Help You Case at All Stages

Regardless of the stage your truck accident case currently happens to be in, our skilled personal injury lawyer team can help you decide what to do next. Our lawyers are here to make sure that your claims process is straightforward and can answer your questions. If you are healing from injuries, less stress is always better! Hiring a lawyer can simplify the entire process. With quality legal advice at every step of your truck accident claims journey, things are likely to be significantly less stressful.

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