If you were in an accident with a semi-truck, utility vehicle, big rig, or bus, you might be wondering whether calling an attorney is the right thing to do. There are a few circumstances wherein hiring a lawyer is the best course of action.

Primarily, if the accident was caused by the carelessness of the commercial vehicle operator and your collision resulted in serious injuries, contacting an attorney is almost always the smartest move. The sooner you reach out to a qualified personal injury lawyer with experience handling commercial vehicle collision cases, the better.

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Here are 5 Times to Hire a Commercial Vehicle or Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, collisions with commercial vehicles are common in Colorado. Accidents caused by truck drivers usually occur due to human errors like speeding, distracted driving, fatigue, and pulling a trailer with low-filled or liquid loads. Often, claims can be complicated after a commercial truck crash. Settlements and lawsuits may be necessary.

In many cases, people traveling in passenger automobiles hit by larger commercial vehicles such as semi-trucks suffer from serious, life-threatening, or even fatal injuries. When this happens, hiring a lawyer is one of the best things that victims can do. If you were in a semi-truck collision in Colorado, a skilled attorney may be able to help you gather evidence and stand up to larger enterprises or commercial insurance agencies. Here are five times you should call a semi-truck collision attorney in the state of Colorado.

1. If the Accident Was the Truck Driver’s Fault

It is important to understand that accidents caused by commercial vehicle operators may require assistance from an attorney. Although your case may seem straightforward, things could quickly become complicated. Corporate insurance adjusters usually have a vested interest in financially protecting the companies that they work for. This means that your claims could be unfairly disputed. Even if the truck driver admits that the accident was their fault, your claims could be rebutted at a corporate level. A good injury lawyer will be able to take on company insurers and protect your interests at every stage following a crash.

2. If You or a Passenger Were Seriously Injured

If you suffered from serious injuries after being in a collision with a semi-truck, it is smart to call an attorney immediately. Your lawyer will be able to help you keep track of your medical bills, file claims, and protect your interests. The same is true if a passenger in your vehicle was seriously hurt as a result of the truck crash. Colorado has specific statutes and FMCSR regulations that address commercial vehicle operations. These ordinances will be considered in a truck accident case.

3. If the Driver Worked for a Commercial Shipping Operation

Truck drivers working for commercial entities or shipping companies may be employed as independent contractors. Or, they could be directly employed by a specific enterprise. This means that many parties could be involved or held liable after a collision with a pedestrian or passenger vehicle. As such, hiring a lawyer is a smart option. your attorney will be able to determine which parties are entangled and who should be held liable for any resulting damages.

4. If You are Not Sure What to Say to Insurance Adjusters or How to File Claims

Few people know how to properly speak with insurance claims adjusters after a collision. You should hire a lawyer so that professionals can represent your interests and protect your rights after a semi-truck accident. Insurance adjusters may try to get a recorded statement from you that they will then use to reduce or dispute your claims. Filing claims can also be complicated after a semi-truck if multiple parties are implicated. Having a lawyer in your corner reduces these complexities and lets you focus on healing and recovering.

5. If Someone was Killed in the Collision

If the truck driver or a passenger in your vehicle was killed following a collision, hiring an attorney may be necessary. When someone you love is killed due to negligence on the road, a wrongful death lawsuit could follow. If the truck driver was killed, you may need expert legal help for other reasons. So, speak with an attorney to find out more and get precise answers that apply to your unique situation.

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