Commercial truck accidents can be devastating. Buses, semi trucks, utility vehicles, and other large conveyances can wreak havoc on passenger vehicles. The higher the speed at which large trucks are moving when they collide with smaller cars, the greater the chances are that the passengers inside will be grievously injured.

Oftentimes, these collisions are caused by the commercial driver’s error. Operator negligence is the number one cause of accidents with smaller vehicles. Each year, by no fault of their own, non-commercial passengers are severely hurt on Colorado’s roadways. When this happens, hiring a lawyer is often the best course of action.

Hiring an attorney can make the entire claims process go more smoothly. Deft truck accident attorneys know how to deal with corporate insurance adjusters. They can make sure that injured victims receive the best possible recompenses!

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Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney in Colorado

It can be hard to know whether you need to hire an attorney after a car wreck. After all, no one wants to pay unnecessary bills. This is particularly true if you are healing from serious injuries after a collision with a semi-truck or utility vehicle.

1. Your Lawyer Will Know Exactly How to Get You the Best Settlement

A good personal injury lawyer will be able to get you the best settlement or highest claim amount. This is because a skilled lawyer has experience dealing with situations very similar to yours. Although not two crashes are exactly alike, specific processes often must be followed by victims looking to receive compensation.

Not only do attorneys understand local regulations and statutes, but they know exactly how to follow these processes to the greatest advantage. Whether this means dealing with deceptive insurance claims adjusters head-on or negotiating better settlement amounts with a trucking company, your attorney likely has the tools, skills, people, and experience needed to get the job done right the first time. Injury attorneys often have a vested interest in getting you the largest settlement possible in the shortest probable time.

2. Your Attorney Will be Able to Deal with the Opposition on Your Behalf

Negotiating claims can get complicated. For example, with commercial truck accidents, a company’s insurance providers, shipping partners, and drivers may all be implicated in an accident. Your attorney will be able to deal with each of these parties as needed. Moreover, your lawyer will be able to file everything correctly before the deadlines pass.

In some situations, insurance adjusters will try to manipulate victims into making statements that can be used against them later. On top of this, some companies attempt to intimidate victims to reduce what they owe them. A skilled personal injury lawyer will not stand for this. Instead, they will bring tried and true negotiation tactics to the table and protect your interests at every stage of your case.

3. A Truck Accident Attorney Will Know How to Calculate the Correct Claim Amount

Time and time again, injured accident victims settle for payments that do not actually cover the costs of their damages. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes, victims do not take long-term ramifications into consideration. Or, some victims underestimate their medical bills and assume they will recover from their injuries more easily than they actually do.

Underestimating a claim is a mistake and can lead to an amount that is far less than it should be. Alternatively, overestimating a claim can cause issues as well. A good lawyer will not make either of these mistakes! Rather, they will use their experience to estimate the right claim. They will consider future costs while also taking your past and current bills into deliberation.

4. A Truck Accident Lawyer That Specializes in Commercial Vehicle and Semi Collisions Can Give You an Edge.

If you were in a commercial or semi-truck crash, you will need to know what kind of attorney to look for. Not all lawyers can help you with every legal situation. For a collision with a large commercial vehicle like a bus or semi-truck, a personal injury car accident lawyer is usually best. Moreover, the lawyer you select should have experience assisting victims with commercial vehicle/semi-truck collisions, specifically.

On top of that, you should pick a lawyer that practices law in your respective state. For instance, if your crash was in Colorado, you will need a Colorado car accident lawyer with expertise in semi or utility truck accidents. If possible, they should be familiar with OTR truck collisions and other similar accidents as well.

But how does this benefit you? Well, having a professional with a very selective skill set allows you to get an advantage in your situation. The more familiar an attorney team is with this specific area of the law, the better they will be able to assist you and provide specialized services. There is even a good chance that your lawyer will have dealt with more semi-truck collisions than the company that is liable for paying your claim.

5. Some Injury Attorneys Benefit Victims Financially and Are Paid from a Settlement

Some people are unaware that hiring an injury attorney can actually mean getting more money without out-of-pocket expenses. Many personal injury attorneys are paid from the final settlement itself. This means that an attorney will work hard to get the largest payment amounts on behalf of victims. They don’t get paid unless you do!

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