Whether it’s a winter storm or a deep freeze, extremely low temperatures can chill you to the bone. It’s crucial to keep safe in addition to keeping warm when the temperature outdoors drops. Here are some Tips for Staying Safe During Cold Weather from Matlin Injury Law:

  1. Do not travel unless you absolutely need to. Remaining indoors will lessen your possibility of developing frostbite or taking a chance on shaky road conditions. If you must leave the house in the winter, make sure to take your time and practice safe driving methods. taking the bus or train? While you wait at the stop, keep moving to stay warm.
  2. Dress warmly. Wear many layers of loose-fitting clothing if you must leave the house. Your body heat can be stored in the space between each sweater or coat, helping to keep you warm. Wearing wool-made clothes is also beneficial because it may retain more heat than cotton-made apparel. Additionally, a synthetic fabric like polypropylene can both store heat and wick moisture.
  3. Keep your extremities safe. earlobes covered. If they are not adequately protected, these areas are most at risk for frostbite. Consider wearing mittens instead of gloves to keep your fingers warmer.
  4. Don’t exert too much effort. Even if there may be a lot of snow outside to move, only shovel if necessary. Exercise that is strenuous in chilly conditions might put additional stress on your heart. Follow your doctor’s recommendations when it comes to working outside, especially if you have heart disease or high blood pressure.
  5. Use caution and take it slow on ice. If you go outside, be cautious of the ice because it could cause you (or others) to slip and fall. Use ice melt instead of rock salt on surfaces like sidewalks, steps, and driveways because rock salt loses its effectiveness below 10 degrees Fahrenheit. To add a little extra traction, you can also scatter sand on your walks. If you’re moving, go slowly and steadily by taking small steps or shuffling. Using a slip-on winter traction device over your shoes is another way of staying safe during cold weather.
  6. Learn how to spot frozen pipes and what you need to to do prevent them. In severe cold, your pipes are more likely to freeze and rupture. Your home may sustain messy (and costly) water damage as a result. Open the cabinets beneath your sinks and let cool water trickle from your faucets to lessen the possibility of damage. Insulate your pipes to add an extra layer of security.
  7. Protect infants, animals, and the elderly. It is best to keep babies wrapped up and out of the extreme cold because they have a harder time keeping their body temperature stable than adults do. The elderly also have a harder time controlling their body temperature. As a result, make sure your elderly relatives and neighbors are staying warm. To prevent frostbite and other cold weather risks, don’t leave your pets outside for any longer than is absolutely necessary.

By Staying Safe During Cold Weather you can have peace of mind in below-freezing conditions. Having the appropriate auto and home insurance might also help. To help safeguard you and your family this winter, speak with a local Matlin Injury Law representative!

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