When city buses collide with smaller vehicles like motorcyclists, sedans, or SUVs, the aftermath is often catastrophic. If these buses hit pedestrians, things get even more dire. Since city bus accidents are one of the most dangerous kinds of collisions, knowing what to do in a situation like this is important.

So what should injured victims do after a city bus accident to stay safe and increase the likelihood of acquiring compensation for their damages? That is exactly what we will cover below.

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Here’s What to Do if You Are Hit By a City Bus

No one ever expects to get hit by a bus in the city or anywhere else, for that matter. Whether you are a pedestrian or were driving when your accident occurred, the most important thing to do is get to safety and seek medical attention. Then, you can start thinking about pursuing compensation for your damages.

As you recover, there are a few things that you can do to increase the likelihood of claiming maximum compensation for your damages. Hiring a lawyer will often streamline the entire process and ensure that you get the most compensation for your suffering.

Should you hire a lawyer for a bus accident that was not your fault?

Yes, even if a bus accident was not your fault, you should still consider hiring an attorney to represent your interests and help you get the largest settlement amount. If you are the victim of a bus accident, you may also be able to bring a lawsuit forward against the at-fault party or in the case of city bus accidents, against multiple parties.

Is it expensive to get a personal injury lawyer after a bus accident?

Comparatively, no. Retaining a lawyer usually will not cost you anything upfront, and often, consultations for accidents like this are free. Some injury law firms even work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you do not have to pay any attorney fees until/unless a settlement is paid out. This lets a victim pursue legal damages without fear of accumulating more expenses. After all, if you were hit by a bus, you probably have enough to contend with as it is.

What does a lawyer do for an injured bus accident victim?

There are many things that your personal injury lawyer can do to improve the likelihood of receiving compensation or a larger settlement for a bus accident.

For one thing, your lawyer will be able to identify all parties that are liable after your accident. Although some people think that only the bus driver is responsible for damages, this is not usually the case.

The insurance provider of the busing company and city organizations may also be liable. Faulty equipment could also be to blame and this may involve a bus’s manufacturer. Your lawyer will look at all details of your case and help you identify everyone that owes you compensation.

In addition to this, your attorney can figure out exactly what damages should be paid. Quantifying your damages, including those that are non-economic, can be a complicated process. Your pain, suffering, lost time at work, and permanent impairments will need to be taken into consideration. Not to mention, your property damage and medical bills must be calculated. Your lawyer will work out everything financially so that you can easily see on paper what the recoverable amount after your accident should be.

An attorney will also be able to submit forms, paperwork, and documentation properly through the designated legal channels. This could include pictures from your accident, medical bills, and more. That way, all evidence will be admissible in court.

Moreover, your lawyer will be able to speak with insurance adjusters for you. Unfortunately, sometimes claims adjusters for large insurance companies or city organizations will try to minimize the amount of compensation that an injured victim actually receives. A lawyer will understand this and know how to prevent it from happening.

The Bottom Line: Hiring a Lawyer to Help After a City Bus Accident is a Smart Move.

Usually, bus crashes are a lot worse than typical fender benders. Not only are buses larger than cars, SUVs, or other vehicles, but they are often carrying numerous passengers. Consequently, the likelihood of victims experiencing significant injuries increases substantially. If you were injured in the aftermath of a bus accident in Colorado, hiring a lawyer immediately may be the best option.

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