Bus injury accident attorneys can advise victims as they pursue compensation after being wrongfully harmed in a collision with a city bus, school bus, or other large public transit vehicles. Indeed, an adept bus crash lawyer will be able to help their client, the injured plaintiff, gather evidence to support their claims, file lawsuits, speak with insurance adjusters, sue the at-fault parties for damages, and much more. So, if you were injured in a bus accident in the state of Colorado, an attorney may vastly improve the likelihood of you receiving the compensation you deserve.

Here at Matlin Injury Law, it is our goal to provide victims with the facts. That way, they can proceed confidently as they take legal action against the party that caused them harm. In this helpful guide, we will go over what you can anticipate after being injured in a bus accident that was caused by a negligent driver or transportation company. Still, for the answers to your specific bus collision questions, it is always best to consult a lawyer yourself. For precise legal advice regarding your situation, contact our team now.

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Tips For What To Do After A Bus Accident

Bus accidents can be very serious and often result in lasting injuries. After being in a bus accident, victims may need some advice or tips on what to do next to protect their interests legally. Here are some general tips for what to do if you were in an accident with a bus in Colorado.

Tip 1: Be Safe and Cooperate with Police and Other First Responders

If you were in an accident, call 911 and get to safety. From there, you can make sure that your injuries are addressed thoroughly by arriving first responders and medical personnel. Many people believe that if they are not at fault for an accident, leaving the scene is fine. However, this could be a mistake. You should remain at the scene of your accident and wait for help to arrive. You might need to fill out a police report. Give only the facts as you can recall them. If you are too injured to give a police statement, seek medical attention first. Then, you can contact a lawyer before giving your official statement to the authorities. Even if you feel fine, get evaluated by a doctor. Sometimes, internal injuries and head injuries are not immediately noticeable. These injuries can be serious and should be diagnosed and addressed at the hospital.

Tip 2: Track and Document Everything or Ask Someone You Trust to Help

It is smart to keep track of everything relevant that happened before, during, and after, your bus accident. For example, if you have a smartphone, you may want to take some photos of the scene of the accident. You can also take videos or record a narration of what you remember using the audio feature on your phone. Writing down or otherwise recording the details of your accident can help you recall things more clearly later. If you are unable to document the events of your accident due to the extent of your injuries, consider calling a friend or family member that you can trust for assistance. The evidence you gather could be useful if your claims are disputed or if you find yourself flailing a lawsuit later.

Tip 3: If You are Hurt, Obtain Medical Care and Keep Track of Your Expenses

Sometimes, injured victims who do not carry Insurance are concerned that if they go to the hospital, they will wind up with bills that they can’t pay. However, if you were injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s decisions, negligence, or lack of care, the insurance provider of the at-fault party may be liable for your medical expenses. Your health and safety should always be regarded as top priorities. Accept medical attention and keep track of your expenses and hospital bills. Then, your attorney can help you make sure that the party responsible for your injuries is held accountable.

Tip 4: Call a Lawyer As Soon as You Can

It may be wise to hire an attorney as soon as you can. You will need a lawyer that knows how to help victims file claims or bring a lawsuit against the at-fault public transportation operation in your state. Not all lawyers are skilled in automotive personal injury law, and you will need to choose someone that can help you with this specific legal area. The right lawyer will then be able to advise you on how to proceed after your accident, avoid costly legal mistakes, and make sure that you receive fair compensation for everything that you have suffered or lost. For example, automobile crash lawyers at Matlin Injury Law of Parker, Colorado, can help victims who were in Colorado bus accidents get compensated.

I Was Involved in a Car Accident With a Bus. What Should I Do?

Bus accidents that involve smaller vehicles like cars, SUVs, and trucks, can be very serious. School buses usually weigh over 20,000 pounds while fully loaded Greyhound buses can weigh over 45,000 pounds! In comparison, the average passenger vehicle usually only weighs around 2,500 pounds. As such, the consequences for those riding in the smaller vehicle may be dire.

In addition to this, the results of a collision between a bus and a car may vary drastically. The extent of injuries will usually depend on factors like how fast each vehicle was moving, where the accident took place, whether the smaller vehicle’s occupants were wearing seatbelts, and so on.

As such, what you should do if you are hit by a bus while driving will depend on how serious your accident was. If you were in a fender bender traveling slowly and no one seems to be seriously injured, you should still call 911 right away. That way, your accident can be reported. Then, you might want to call a personal injury automotive lawyer for help filing claims. However, if you wake up in the hospital after a bus crash, the best option would probably be to find out what happened, and then call a personal injury bus crash attorney.

Regardless, if you were in an accident with a bus that was caused by the negligence of the bus driver, contacting a lawyer is almost always a smart move. Even though the accident was not your fault, a lawyer can still protect your best interests and help you get the most compensation for everything you have been through. Not only will your lawyer help you identify all responsible parties, but they can also file documents on your behalf, help you gather evidence that will support your claims, and bring a lawsuit forward if your claims are disputed by the bus company or their insurance provider.

Car Accident With School Bus: What You Need To Know

Many people see school bus drivers as public servants. These workers are often trusted to transport children on roadways and a certain duty of care is anticipated from those in this position. As such, when a school bus hits another vehicle, cyclist, or pedestrian, bystanders often find themselves in astonishment.

In Colorado, school bus drivers are legally required to be over the age of 21, possess a commercial driver’s license, and pass certain pre-employment tests like physical exams and drug screenings. However, Colorado school bus drivers are not required to have previous experience operating heavy machinery or even driving a bus. This means that sometimes inexperienced or inept individuals are permitted to drive school buses.

If a negligent school bus driver collided with your vehicle, you may find yourself in a state of shock wondering what to do next. Surely, the person operating the bus will automatically be held responsible. However, matters may be more complicated than this. So what exactly should victims of school bus accidents do?

Take All Accidents Seriously and Call 911 Right Away

If you are in an accident with a school bus, even if it is a small fender bender, you should always take matters seriously. Children on school buses may not be required to wear safety restraints. Plus, you could be hurt seriously and not know it due to the adrenaline in your system. With this in mind, call 911 immediately. That way, the police and medical responders can get to the scene as soon as possible.

Cooperate with Medical Responders

When First Responders arrive at the scene of your school bus accident, follow their directions and cooperate as well as you can. These individuals are often trained and tasked with keeping everyone at the scene of a crash, safe. Usually, responders will address the most serious injuries first. When you adhere to the guidance of these professionals and follow their directives, you are helping not just yourself, but also everyone else in the situation.

Be Honest with the Police

In Colorado, most school buses have cameras. These cameras usually will record what’s going on inside and around a school bus. This means that the circumstances of your Collision will likely be recorded on camera. For this reason among others, it is important to be honest with the police as you give your statement. After all, there is a good chance that any recorded footage will be reviewed by multiple parties.

Contact an Attorney

If you were in an automobile accident with a school bus that was caused by the careless behavior of the bus operator, you could be eligible for compensation. This compensation could help cover the cost of your medical expenses, financial recovery, and other losses. However, the parties at fault such as the school district or the liable insurance agency may try to deny or minimize their responsibility in an accident. As such, calling a skilled personal injury attorney is often wise.

With the help of a personal injury attorney in the state where your accident took place, your chances of receiving fair compensation will likely be higher. Your attorney will be able to attain any footage of your accident and help you collect other important evidence to support your claims. They will also go to bat against all liable parties on your behalf. When multiple parties and agencies are involved in a situation like this, having legal expertise on your side is pretty much always wise.

How to Claim Injury Compensation for a Bus Accident?

Claiming compensation after a bus accident can be a complicated process for many reasons. For one thing, all liable parties must be identified. Although many people think that only the bus driver responsible for causing an accident will have to pay damages, this is not always the case. Indeed, the company that employed the bus driver, any public transportation agencies that were involved, certain third-party insurance agencies, and even vehicle manufacturers could be held liable after an accident of this nature. It will all depend on the situation.

Moreover, buses differ from passenger vehicles in many ways. Bus and other commercial vehicle operators are usually held to a higher duty of care than those in standard passenger vehicles. This means that the person driving the bus may have more responsibility for causing an accident than you initially realized. This can impact how claims are filed and what their outcome will be.

So how does an injured victim file claims after a bus accident to receive compensation for their financial losses, medical expenses, pain, suffering, and other damages? Here is an overview of what the process of seeking compensation after a bus accident may involve. To get specific answers on how to file claims for compensation after your bus accident, contacting a personal injury lawyer is recommended.

  • Step 1: Filing a Police Report
    After a bus accident that resulted in damages of more than $1,000, a police report will need to be filed. This official report will create a public record of the bus accident and may be referenced throughout the claims process.
  • Step 2: Gathering Evidence
    You may have photographs from the scene of the accident, hospital bills, or other evidence to support your claims. It is wise to gather this evidence so that if your claims are disputed, you will have proof of your side of the story.
  • Step 3: Contact an Attorney
    If you were the victim of a bus accident, you should contact a personal injury attorney to represent your best interests. Even though this accident was not your fault, it is still important to have skilled legal representation. your attorney will be able to advise you as you file claims or if the need arises, file a lawsuit. Moreover, your attorney can protect you from insurance claims adjusters who may try to reduce the amount of compensation you are owed. For the most compensation, do not risk speaking to another party’s insurance adjusters without talking to a lawyer first.
  • Step 4: Identify Damages
    With the help of an attorney, you will be able to accurately calculate the amount of damages you have sustained. For instance, your medical bills may be tallied so that a total amount of medical expenses can be provided to the liable insurance provider. Damage to your vehicle or other personal property may also need to be tallied. Then, lost time at work, pain, suffering, and other issues will be taken into account to create the total amount of damages you should be compensated for via claims or in a settlement.
  • Step 5: Filing Claims
    Usually, your attorney will send a demand letter with the claims you are filing. From there, the responsible parties will decide how to respond. they may pay your claims, counter your request with a lower offer, or dispute your claims entirely. If your claims are unfairly reduced, countered, or disputed, filing a lawsuit may be necessary.

What Happens When a Public City Bus Hits Your Car?

Buses are usually larger, heavier, and capable of causing more damage than standard passenger vehicles. This means that when a bus hits a smaller vehicle like a car, motorcycle, or SUV, the damage to any occupants in the smaller vehicle and to the automobile itself will likely be substantial. Public city buses usually weigh anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 pounds. Comparatively, cars usually only weigh about 2,000 pounds.

Common injuries after a bus accident may include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Cranial injuries
  • Fractures
  • Burns
  • Internal damage

With so many serious potential injuries possible after a car accident with a bus, hospitalization for any injured victims is likely. While in the hospital, injured victims might wonder what to do next. In many situations, calling a personal injury attorney with experience helping bus accident victims is the best option. Oftentimes, case consultations with attorneys of this kind are free for injured victims. Moreover, many personal injury lawyers will only get paid when the injured victim receives a settlement.

An attorney can represent the best interests of the injured victim and ensure that justice is served on their behalf. That way, the injured individual can focus on recovering and healing from the damage that they have sustained.

What to do if a bus hits your vehicle?

If a bus hits your vehicle, you may find yourself in a state of shock, wondering what to do next. Injuries are often common after an accident of this kind. Since buses are so much bigger than passenger vehicles, even fender benders can result in serious damage. The acronym SAFER can be helpful in a situation like this.

SAFER Stands For:

  • Seek safety
  • Ask for assistance
  • First aid
  • Evaluate your situation
  • Respond and recover

S – Seek Safety

The first thing to do after a bus accident is to get to safety. Be sure to move out of the way of the flow of traffic and stay calm.

A – Ask for Assistance

After you have gotten to safety, you should seek assistance by calling 911.

F – First Aid

Get first aid for your injuries and accept help from first responders. This may include taking an ambulance ride to the hospital.

E – Evaluate your Experience

Evaluate what happened and try to recall the details of the accident. Writing them down can be helpful.

R – Respond and Recover

Once you are in a stable condition, it’s time to respond and take measures toward recovering damages. This may involve hiring a personal injury attorney to help you seek compensation after your bus accident.

What am I Supposed to Do if I’m Hit by a City Bus?

It’s hard to imagine being hit by a bus. This isn’t a situation that many people anticipate experiencing in a lifetime. However, bus accidents are more common than you may think. In fact, some studies suggest that over 60,000 bus accidents take place every year in the United States alone!

When city buses crash into smaller Vehicles like sedans, motorcycles, SUVs, or even heavy-duty pickups, the results can be truly devastating. When pedestrians are hit, this is even more true. So what can injured victims do after a city bus calamity to stay safer and increase their likelihood of receiving compensation for their losses?

Calling 911, getting medical attention, and then reaching out to a lawyer, are all smart moves for injured city bus crash victims to make. This will help you physically and financially. Here are some frequently asked questions on the subject that can help.

Should you get a lawyer if a bus hits you?

Even if an accident is clearly not your fault, you should still hire an attorney to protect your best interests. Not only will your attorney help you prove that you are not to blame, but they can help you calculate your damages, file claims, or bring a lawsuit forward if your claims are denied or disputed.

Is it costly to get a bus crash lawyer?

Generally, the cost of hiring a personal injury attorney is negligible when compared to the ultimate outcome of your case, claims, settlement, etc. Many personal injury lawyers that specialize in calamities such as bus accidents do not require payment upfront. These kinds of attorneys may even offer free case consultations or only require only payment when the victims receive a settlement amount. Since these lawyers work hard to make sure that your claims are not minimized or that your settlement will cover all of your expenses, you may actually wind up in a better position financially after hiring an attorney to assist you.

How do lawyers help bus accident victims?

Attorneys can do all sorts of things to help victimized clients that were wrongfully injured in bus accidents. For one thing, an attorney can help the injured victim identify all parties that should be held liable for damages. This could include public transportation agencies, insurance providers, city institutions, and more.

  • Holding All Parties Accountable

In addition to this, an attorney will work hard to make sure that settlements and claim amounts are not reduced by other parties. In some situations, insurance claims adjusters will try to trick injured victims into admitting fault in an accident or saying things that can reduce the amount of money they are owed. A good lawyer will understand this and can protect the injured victim from being duped.

  • Calculating Damages After a Bus Accident

A personal injury attorney can also help an injured bus accident victim calculate the actual cost of their damages. This could include lost time at work, loss of the ability to earn an income, medical bills, future expenses, and more.

Should you try to file bus accident claims before calling a lawyer?

Attempting to file claims for compensation after a bus accident before speaking with an attorney may be unwise. For one thing, calculating the actual cost of your damages can be a complicated endeavor. Injured victims could underestimate the amount that they should actually receive after an accident like this. Potential future medical expenses must be taken into account. Filing claims in an amount that is less than what you will ultimately require to recover after a bus accident can be a mistake. So, before speaking to any insurance company employee, it may be smarter to call a lawyer first.

If an insurance company sends you a check after a bus accident, should you cash it?

After serious events like a city bus accident, insurance providers will often try to minimize the amount that they ultimately have to pay any victims. After all, insurance companies will usually want to protect their best interests. These interests often are not in line with those of the injured claim filers.

As such, an insurance company may try to pay injured victims as little as possible and there are many tactics that they may attempt to accomplish the purpose. This could include sending a check to an injured victim before any claims are even filed. If you receive a check in the mail from the insurance provider of the busing company involved in your accident, do not cash it. Instead, contact an attorney. There is a good chance that you are entitled to more compensation than what you are being offered. As soon as you cash a check from an insurance company, your claims case may be considered closed.

How long should you wait to hire a lawyer after being hit by a bus in Colorado?

If you are in an accident with a bus, don’t wait, hire a lawyer right away. As soon as you are up to it, contact an experienced injury attorney that knows the ins and outs of automotive personal injury law in Colorado. That way, you will have skilled legal guidance from the very start of your bus accident case. This can prevent you from saying the wrong thing to insurance adjusters or otherwise harming your interests or reducing your final settlement amount.

Is there a statute of limitations for bus accident victims?

Yes, Colorado has a statute of limitations that applies to all bus and automotive accident victims. Usually, this statute of limitations is three years. However, this may vary depending on the details of your case. Usually, the clock starts ticking as soon as your accident is reported. When the statute of limitations expires, you will no longer be able to file claims to receive compensation.

In the End, Hiring a Lawyer After a City Bus Accident is Usually the Best Move.

When it comes down to it, hiring an attorney to safeguard your interests and represent you from the start is usually the best thing you can do if you are hit by a city bus. Not only will your lawyer work hard to make sure that you are reimbursed fairly for everything that you have lost, spent, or suffered, but your lawyer will also be able to calculate the actual monetary amount that is owed to you. This includes holding all responsible parties accountable for their part in an accident.

  • Since city bus accidents can be complicated and may involve litigation with many parties, having an experienced legal pro working on your behalf can only help your situation. Your lawyer will do what they can to help you more easily recover the monetary damages you are legally owed. Not to mention, with a lawyer working hard to represent your best interests, you can put your attention toward recovering and healing from your ordeal.
  • Best of all, injured victims often find that personal injury attorneys help them, rather than hurt them, financially. That is to say, the cost of an attorney might be negligible compared to the amount that your lawyer ultimately recovers on your behalf. This means that you might wind up having more money after everything is said and done than you would have if you decided to try and file claims without a professional helping you.

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Our team understands that large insurance companies often want to reduce the amount that they will ultimately have to pay injured victims. We want to make sure that you are not taken advantage of by insurance adjusters who care little for your best interests. Let us take the opposition on so that you can focus on recovering and healing after your traumatic bus accident. We will make sure that the settlement you receive is large enough to cover the costs of your losses, expenses, medical bills, and more. This may also include calculating future expenses, pain, suffering, and other trauma following a bus accident. If you are a sufferer, you should never have to settle for less than what you need to get your life back on track. It is our mission to ensure that each client gets the largest settlement possible in the shortest time frame!

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