After an automobile collision, many people decide to file their claims without the assistance of an attorney. However, going it alone may not always be the best idea. In many instances, those who forego legal assistance from a skilled personal injury attorney leave money on the table and receive lower settlements than what they actually deserve.

Not only can your attorney help you get the most desirable outcome following a car accident, but a good lawyer will make sure your settlement or claim amount covers all of your damages, including expenses from long-term or serious injuries. Here, we will discuss some of the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer to assist you through the claims filing process after a car accident.

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If you were in an automobile collision in Colorado, hiring a lawyer right away might be your best option. A legal professional can help you file your claims correctly, efficiently, and expediently. Remember, the sooner you retain the services of a qualified automobile injury attorney in your area, the better the outcome of your car accident claim is likely to be.

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A lawyer can help you gather evidence.

Car accidents can occur for many reasons. If you were in an automobile collision that was caused by someone else’s poor decisions, reckless behavior, or sheer negligence, that person will be responsible for paying damages. Colorado is an at-fault, or torte, state. Ergo, the party at fault for an accident is to be held responsible for paying for any resulting damages. With that being said, you may bear the burden of proving that an accident was not your fault. This is where a skilled personal injury attorney can be of enormous benefit.

Your lawyer will help you provide the required documentation to prove who was at fault for your automobile collision. Your attorney will also help you gather evidence of any damages you have suffered. At Matlin Injury Law, our attorneys will find evidence that is useful and relevant to your specific claims situation. Whether this means gathering witness testimonies, obtaining police reports, or finding security footage, your lawyer will know exactly which evidence to gather and how to submit it properly for your claims to be paid in full.

A car accident lawyer will help you get a fair settlement.

Insurance adjusters are notorious for reducing the claims of car accident victims. Indeed, it is in the best interest of an insurance company to pay as little to victims as possible. In fact, many insurance adjusters follow protocols that only let them offer a specific percentage of the true case value. This can result in accident victims being coerced into receiving settlement offers that are far lower than what they are entitled to

A skilled personal injury attorney will be able to find out what your claim is actually worth. Not only will your lawyer carefully calculate the amount that you actually need to cover your damages, but they will fight hard to make sure that you receive that amount when your case is settled. Accepting a low offer could seriously damage your future. Instead of risking things, it can be wise to let a lawyer fight for you. At Matlin Injury Law, our attorneys will do everything possible to prevent this from happening.

Working with a lawyer protects your interests.

After a traumatic automobile collision, victims are often caught off guard by all of the problems that arise in the aftermath. For one thing, injured victims often have serious injuries, expenses, and physical pain to contend with. They are often not ready to speak with insurance claims adjusters, police officers, and hospital personnel. However, all of the aforementioned parties must be dealt with before claims can be paid. This can leave victims feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

If insurance adjusters decide to pressure victims who are already feeling stressed and overwhelmed, even more problems can arise. For this reason, hiring a lawyer to protect your interests is a good option. Your lawyer will help you deal with all of these parties professionally and proactively.

In addition to this, your attorney will make sure that claims adjusters must go through all proper legal channels to prevent mistakes from taking place in your claims case. You can then focus on recovering instead of stressing about gathering hospital invoices, witness statements, and police reports. Your attorney will submit all necessary documentation to the insurance company so that your claims will be paid with minimal interference to your personal recovery process.

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If you were in an automobile Collision that was caused because of someone else’s negligent driving, a personal injury attorney may be of great benefit to you. Your attorney will help you file claims, deal with insurance adjusters, gather witness statements, and more. To hire a skilled personal injury attorney in Colorado, we encourage you to contact Matlin Injury Law, serving Parker, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Thornton, and the surrounding cities. Follow this link to learn more or contact a car accident lawyer today!

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