If you were in a serious automobile accident, healing, and recovery are likely to be your first priorities. However, after you are back on your feet, resolving any personal injury and property damage claims will probably be the next matter of business to attend to.

The liability insurance provider for the party found to be at fault for your automobile accident may want to deal with your claims quickly. As such, you could receive a settlement offer sooner than you might have expected. This begs the question, should you accept this first settlement amount without talking to a lawyer first? That is precisely what we will explore in this guide.

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It can be tempting to take a fast settlement. After all, if you were hurt in a car crash that someone else caused, you probably have plenty to deal with as it is! However, settling early can be a huge mistake. Not sure if you should settle? An attorney can help! Skilled lawyers can review your case and uncover how much it is really worth. Matlin Injury Law offers free consultations and will give your case the time and attention it deserves. You can reach a lawyer by calling 303-487-8911 or filling out a free case consultation form online here.

What to Know About Settling Claims Without an Attorney

It is important to understand that in most situations, accepting the first settlement offer is a mistake. Indeed, those who decide to accept the first settlement proposal from the at-fault party’s insurance provider often receive less than what they actually deserve or need to cover their expenses.

In some instances, insurance companies will rush in and offer settlements before the victim completes their medical treatment. Or, a provider may offer a settlement before an injured individual can get a personal injury attorney to represent their interests. For this reason, seeking legal advice before accepting a settlement is generally a smart move.

Why do some insurance companies rush to offer settlements to victims?

Sometimes, injured victims are surprised to receive a settlement offer from the at-fault person’s insurance company so quickly. Although getting an offer like this may seem like a pleasant surprise, other more nefarious motives could be at play.

For one thing, an insurance provider may want to settle your claim before you realize how severe the extent of your injuries and damages actually are. Some car accidents cause serious injuries that take a long time to present symptoms. These injuries can take even longer to treat or diagnose. Injuries like whiplash, head trauma, fractures, or spinal alignment problems may worsen with time. These and other long-term injuries can be expensive to deal with. So, an insurance company may want to hurry and settle your claims in an attempt to avoid paying for future ongoing medical bills.

If the other individual’s insurance company can sway you into accepting a first settlement offer, it may save them money. Once you have accepted a settlement agreement, you will release all parties involved in your case from further liability. Therefore, if your doctor later diagnoses you with additional issues, you cannot demand more money in your claim amount.

An insurance company may also want to persuade you into taking the first settlement before you have a chance to hire a personal injury attorney. This is a common practice seen in automobile accidents and personal injury cases. If you talk with a lawyer about your case, you may find that you are actually entitled to far more compensation than you initially realized.

Also, you may be able to claim other damages besides medical bills and lost wages. You could also find out that you are entitled to monetary damages for the suffering and pain you experienced after your automobile accident. An insurance company might not want you to become aware of this, as it will cost them more to pay for.

Should you accept a settlement without a lawyer?

It can be very tempting for injured victims to accept a settlement offer right away. After all, there are probably plenty of bills stacking up already. Receiving money right away from a settlement can help you pay for your expenses until you can heal fully and get back to work. Insurance adjusters understand this. They are aware that you are likely already suffering from financial hardship and under plenty of stress. Sadly, some insurance adjusters use this knowledge to their benefit and weaponize it against victims to get a quicker, lower settlement.

It probably is not in your best interests to accept a settlement offer until you have spoken with an experienced personal injury attorney. Your initial settlement offer is probably not enough to cover all of your expenses. The offer may also be far lower than the value of your actual damages. Instead, contact a lawyer and let them review your case. Many attorneys, such as Matlin Injury Law, will review your case for free.

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Settling for less than what you actually deserve can be a mistake. If you aren’t sure whether the settlement you are being offered will actually cover your current and future expenses, speaking with an attorney may be a smart decision.

Have you been presented with a settlement offer following your Colorado car accident? A skilled injury attorney can help you look over the settlement amount, file claims, and figure out how much your case is actually worth. To speak with a qualified personal injury attorney that specializes in automobile accident claims and settlements in Colorado, contact Matlin Injury Law.

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