Our Mission is to Get You More Money, Faster

More Lawyer; More Money

Matlin Injury Law serves the entire state of Colorado with proven success. We will give you an exquisite experience that you will never get at any other law firm. From answering ALL calls and text messages to getting to know you and your family, we will give you the best experience better than you could have ever dreamed about.
In most other firms, you would be lucky to ever talk to your attorney. At Matlin Injury Law, you get to speak with your lawyer directly whenever you want. Your lawyer will be available all day every day, 24/7, and is there to SERVE YOU. Whenever you need someone or have any question, you can be sure your lawyer will be there for you.

Faster Settlements; Fewer Fees

Matlin Injury Law takes pride in our success for our clients, but more importantly, we have created a CLIENT-CENTERED firm. First, we only get paid when YOU WIN. Also, when most other firms take more money than you, we will always lower our fee so that we never make more money than you.
You should expect your lawyer to be fair, especially when you are the one hurt. The greedy lawyer should not get all the money so to make things fair, Matlin Injury Law promises to never take more money than you at the end of your case. And we put that in writing on Day 1.

Our Team

Matlin Injury Law is a new kind of law firm. We are not the “flashy” law firm that you see on TV PRETENDING to make our clients millions of dollars. We are a family-oriented law firm focused around serving our clients. We treat every single one of our clients as if they were one of our family members and we treat them how we would like our family to be treated. Everybody deserves the best customer experience possible and with Matlin Injury Law, you will get nothing short of that.

Our Founder

Brian Matlin, Esq

Brian is homegrown born in raised in Denver, Colorado. He earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado and his Juris Doctorate from Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver. Brian has always had a passion for helping others, and being a lawyer is the perfect way for him to help clients in need, people who need direction to navigate through the legal system. Brian likens an interaction with the law to a new and unexplored journey. For many, being tied up in a legal issue is akin to taking a hike in an unexplored mountain range, without a tour guide, food, water or shelter.

He enjoys removing the stress and worry from the process for each client he works with. Whether it is helping clients find the best doctors and helping them achieve fair compensation or just being a friend and person clients can lean on, Brian is proud to lead clients through the entire legal process. When away from the firm, Brian loves simply being with his wife, Darden, and their golden-doodle, Aslan. They love spending time in the gym and outdoors, hiking, and exploring the beautiful Colorado outdoors. You can also find them trying out new restaurants or laying on the couch watching movies while eating candy and popcorn.

Karen Hernandez

Karen is a case manager at Matlin Injury Law with nearly a decade of personal injury experience. Matlin Injury Law is Karen’s second home. As such, she treats every person she interacts with like family. Karen takes pride in providing elite customer service and ensures each one of her client’s needs are met. Aside from taking care of MIL’s clients, Karen’s true passion is her family (including her two dogs and one cat). To her, family is everything which is why she is able to relate to all her clients in a family-friendly way. For fun, Karen loves to cook, bake, read, and paint, and you can find her at the pool or beachside in her time off.

Heather Zink

Heather is a case manager at Matlin Injury Law. Heather’s ability to connect with clients on a personal and emotional level is unmatched. Heather provides premier customer service in both the legal and personal realm and has cultivated a connection with all her clients making each client feel like they are a part of the Matlin Injury Law family. Aside from being a great case manager, Heather’s true passion is being a mother of her son James. Together, they love to go on hikes, watch movies, and have recently developed a mutual passion of playing football. Heather is also an incredible dancer (country dancing, swing, etc.) and will go out of her way to try something new and develop new passions.

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