Our Mission is to Get You More Money, Faster

More Lawyer; More Money

Matlin Injury Law serves the entire state of Colorado with proven success. We will give you an exquisite experience that you will never get at any other law firm. From answering ALL calls and text messages to getting to know you and your family, we will give you the best experience better than you could have ever dreamed about.

In most other firms, you would be lucky to ever talk to your attorney. At  Matlin Injury Law, you get to speak with your lawyer directly whenever you want. Your lawyer will be available all day every day, 24/7, and is there to SERVE YOU. Whenever you need someone or have any question, you can be sure your lawyer will be there for you.

Faster Settlements; Fewer Fees

Matlin Injury Law takes pride in our success for our clients, but more importantly, we have created a CLIENT-CENTERED firm. First, we only get paid when YOU WIN. Also, when most other firms take more money than you, we will always lower our fee so that we never make more money than you. 

You should expect your lawyer to be fair, especially when you are the one hurt. The greedy lawyer should not get all the money so to make things fair, Matlin Injury Law promises to never take more money than you at the end of your case. And we put that in writing on Day 1.

Matlin Injury Law
Colorado Personal Injury Law Firm

Matlin Injury Law is a new kind of law firm. We are not the “flashy” law firm that you see on TV PRETENDING to make our clients millions of dollars. We are a family-oriented law firm focused around serving our clients. We treat every single one of our clients as if they were one of our family members and we treat them how we would like our family to be treated. Everybody deserves the best customer experience possible and with Matlin Injury Law, you will get nothing short of that.

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Matlin Injury Law will provide you with a free consultation regarding your accident. We can speak with you over the phone or come to you. Our goal is to disrupt your life as little as possible so you can focus on healing. We will focus on getting you the help and compensation you deserve to get your life back on track. Call us today for a free consultation. Remember, we don’t get paid unless your claim is successful!

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